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Brief Info about is a lender-matching service designed for people who have limited credit or a poor credit history. We have been able to secure ptl for the majority of our users since we first started doing business, regardless of their credit or payment histories.

The Benefits of Cash Loans

Everyone has gone through tough times financially. That’s why short term cash loans exist. Whether your problem stems from a broken down car, a medical emergency or a household problem that must be attended to immediately does not matter. The lenders in our network are here to help provide you with the funds you need sooner than you would think is possible. Here at, we understand the urgency of your situation and make sure that your application is dealt with as soon as it is sent. The application is sent through a secure transmission to a number of different lenders who specialize in helping consumers just like you. You will know nearly immediately if you have been approved or not.

Different Types of Loans

Most of the loans offered by our network of lenders are short term loans. These are designed to be paid back in a very short period of time – usually within 15 to 31 days. Other loans are designed to allow consumers to pay them back in a number of different installments in order to relief the financial burden even further. Make sure that you know exactly what type of loan will best suit your needs so that you can make the best possible decision for your finances. Keep state regulations in mind as well as repayment options and loan amounts in mind when you apply for a cash loan of any kind.

Good Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit? No Worries!

Another huge benefit to the short term loan industry is that you can qualify for a loan regardless of any issues with your credit. Whether your credit is good, bad or completely non-existent, it is still possible to get a loan. Our lenders do not perform credit checks unlike traditional lending institutions and banks that will deny anyone a loan that has bad or no credit history. Other criteria are used to qualify you for a loan and the vast majority of applicants here at receive at least one offer for a loan. This means that you have no reason whatsoever to not apply for cash loans for amounts between $100 and $1000. Your money will be available very quickly to meet your financial needs.

Quick Loans are for Short-Term Financial Setbacks

While short term loans are extremely helpful at times, it is important to remember that they should be used sparingly. If you are experiencing serious credit issues, you might benefit from working with a professional credit counselor. They can help to walk you through your finances and recommend a viable action plan to get you back on track. Rollovers and extensions may be available on short term loans but should only be used when you have to. These can become expensive and lead to even more serious credit issues in the long term.

Now that you understand the short term cash loans industry a little bit more, feel free to fill out our application to get started. There is no fee involved in the application process, no obligation to get a loan of any kind and your information is kept entirely confidential at all times. If you are in a financial crisis, we are here to help. Fill out the application to see what our trusted network of lenders can offer you.

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